9 adverse effects of wearing high-heeled shoes with remedies

For some women, high-heeled shoes are must haves because they are thought to characterize femininity and beauty, making the wearer feel self-assured and elegant. Unfortunately, there are prices to pay looking glamorous wearing those killer heels. Let's take a look at some of the adverse effects high-heeled shoes have on the legs and body: 1. Lower Back Pain: High heels are the ultimate fashion statement for women (I know, right?). They are usually chic and sexy and can raise your style quotient. But comfort and stilettos do not go well together. The high heels do not give complete support to your feet. It causes an unequal distribution of weight that may trigger soreness, inflammation and pain in the lower back. 2. Sore Calves: Sore calf muscles are another side effect of those pointed heels. It can also lead to protruding veins, which not only look distasteful but are extremely painful too. If you want to flaunt your toned legs, steer clear of high heels (Is that even possible?). 3. Ankle Sprains: A pair of designer heels can add glamour to your wardrobe. You can wear high heels only if you are walking on even surfaces. Potholes, bumps and cobblestones can be potential party-poopers waiting for you to slip and sprain your ankle. Apart from the ankle sprain, a fall like this can also lead to broken ankles, bruised elbows and knees. If you land awkwardly (God forbid!), you might even suffer a concussion or neck injury. try as much as possible to avoid using your stilettos on a daily basis. If you must give in to your footwear fetish, do so only on special occasions. 4. Foot Pain: High heels or stilettos have a certain shape and design that looks fashionable but uncomfortable. After a long day on your feet in those, you are most likely to suffer from a foot ache. You can experience a sharp pain in your toes, sole, arch or heel. 5. Constricts Blood Vessels: High heel shoes usually make the feet appear longer and thinner. The shoe shape squeezes the foot into a position that certainly isn’t natural and is anything but comfortable. The stress on your foot can result in a constricted blood flow. In extreme cases, it may cause the blood vessels to break open. 6. Crooked Feet: Hammer toe is one of the most dangerous side effects of high heels on feet. It is a deformity that causes your toe to bend or curl downward instead of pointing forward. The unnatural position of the foot, the strain on the calves, blood vessels and back result in hammer toe. 7. Weakens Ligaments: High heels weaken your ligaments. You should skip the glamorous footwear in order to protect your feet from any injury. 8. Knee Pain: The awkward curvature of the leg while wearing high heels puts too much pressure on the knee joint. It often leads to cases of osteoarthritis in people. Having said all these and you’re not so dead set on ditching the pumps just yet, here are things to consider doing: - choose a shoe with moderate heel height, no higher than five centimetres, and a fastening over the instep; - choose a shoe with a wide heel base, or a wedge heel, to reduce the load under the front of your foot; - avoid running in high-heeled shoes as pressure under the foot increases considerably when running, even at low speed; - wear high heels for short periods of time, and take a pair of flat shoes or runners to change into if you have to walk a long distance during the day; - use a shoe insert to reduce pressure on the forefoot and heel; and - do calf muscle stretching exercises every day to maintain ankle flexibility. Health is wealth after all and wealth means more heels!


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