Avoid these food items if you want healthy skin!

Food. Who doesn't want to eat food? When hungry, we just hog on food and are not aware of what it will do to us. Our skin, which is the most sensitive part of our body, gets affected the most if we eat something which doesn't suit us. We must be very careful of what we eat as there is an old saying that 'you are what you eat'. The saying holds true for our health because what we eat reflects on our skin. One should be very cautions of what food to eat that will be beneficial for their skin. Food is something we can control and only eat right. A good diet and proper eating habits is very important for a healthy skin. Whereas a poor diet can lead to acne and dry skin. Many may not be aware of certain food items that are bad for our skin. So, below we list out some food items that can do more harm than good: Caffeine Drinks like coffee, tea, cola's, etc., are loved by all, except for few. But one thing many people aren't aware of is that consuming too much of these drinks is not good as it contains caffeine. Caffeine increases the cortisol production in the body and thus enhances the ageing process by thinning the skin. It also dehydrates the skin and can even leads to wrinkling. So do try and skip that second helping of coffee! Salt We put salt in everything we eat. The food tastes bad if there is no salt in it. But excessive salt is harmful for skin as it retains the additional fluid in the body causing swelling and a puffy look. It also spoils the skin texture. One must reduce the intake of food items like papad, pickle, salted food and canned food products as they are the potential sources of salt. If you want healthy skin, stop eating excessive amount of salt and salted food items. Alcohol One should reduce consumption of alcohol if you want to have healthy skin. Drinking too much of it is not good as it inhibits the anti-diuretic hormone secretion that causes dehydration. And it also causes vasodilatation which leads to excess water loss through the skin. Processed foods Avoid eating too much of processed foods if you want healthy skin. It contains high content of salt and sodium which is not good for skin. Processed food also has a low water content. One should eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in water content which provides hydration to the body. Hydration is very necessary for healthy skin. Candy We all love to eat candy, don't we? But do you know that eating too much of candy is not good for our skin? Candy is coated with sugar and excessive eating of sugar makes our skin dull and wrinkled. Candy lovers, stop eating too much of it if you really want healthy skin.


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