Farts: The healthy side

Everything is going really well, documents are opened, heads nodding, pens scribbling, pages turning. All of a sudden,everyone begins to hold their noses one after the other with a uniform look of disgust on all faces safe one, the culprit looking all embarrassed or genuinely shocked at the audacity his buttocks had to release a gas in detention.

Flatulence known by many names which include passing wind, passing gas, or farting, fart, gas, 'pollute' can be gross and absolutely a social don't is a completely natural bodily function. Farting is a biological process that helps to release gas from digestion. A person farts on an average of 10 times a day. Though in some cases they are silent, odorless,  and not noticeable, farts can become uncomfortable when they are loud and foul smelling. As gross as farting is, it has its health benefits which includes:

* It Reduces Bloating The feeling of being bloated is genuinely uncomfortable. This symptom is often experienced shortly after eating a meal, particularly a large one. It can lead to some uncomfortable stomach aches and pains, too. Bloating may also indicate a buildup of gas that needs to be released. While the buildup of such gas is not usually harmful or dangerous, it can bring about much discomfort. This is where passing gas can immediately lessen any bloating and any associated symptoms.

* It is Good For Your Colon Health “Holding” any type of natural bodily reaction is not good for health; whether it’s urine, bowel movement, or gas. There likely isn’t much harm to holding in an embarrassing toot in social situations. Those with digestive issues, however, should know that holding in the body’s attempt to release byproducts of the gastrointestinal system is potentially dangerous. Holding in anything for extended periods of time is not good for your health.

* It is an excellent health alarm This is one of the more important benefits of farting. Farts are one of those bodily functions that you just can’t escape. Interestingly, the characteristics of farts can actually help predict health issues in some cases. Unhealthy characteristics of farts include: extreme odors, pains when passing gas, and an increasing frequency. These symptoms may help diagnose anything from food intolerance to colon cancer.

* The Odor Is Good For You Gross, right? Sniffing farts may actually be healthy for you. When we pass gas, we release a small amount of a substance called hydrogen sulfide, which may be beneficial in thwarting off future illnesses. Studies suggest that the element may also prevent cell damage, and even prevent heart attack or stroke. Hydrogen sulfide is toxic in large doses.

* It Can Help You Balance Your Diet Balanced diet is a must to stay healthy, and your farts might help clue you into what foods your gut needs. Conversely, it may also indicate foods that we may be overeating. For example, when we don’t consume enough fiber we rarely pass gas. When overindulging on meat, our gas may give off a very unpleasant odor, indicating that we need to cut back a little.

* It Indicates Healthy, Happy Gut Bacteria Slimmer, healthier people often fart more. These leafy greens kick your gut bacteria into high gear, which means both better digestion, and more gases produced.

* It Always Brings Relief Let’s face it; there is no better feeling than releasing a long-held fart. Sure, the actual act of farting might be embarrassing if you’re caught by the wrong person, but the relief of passing gas is worth it.

An advice, instead of trying to hold in your farts, excuse yourself, get somewhere comfortable to release the bomb, and while at it, enjoy the variety it brings putting in mind that the gross is telling you "Oh man, you are healthy!"

Farts are a blessing in disguise.


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