Honey vs Sugar: Enjoy sweetness the way nature intended.

12 The taste buds are naturally inclined towards detecting sweetness right from birth. Sugar, honey, chocolate, ice cream, just mention anything sweet, and yippee! happiness returns. there has always been debates on which is more beneficial to the body: honey or sugar? Well, firstly, processing tends to reduce the benefit of any food in the body which makes honey more beneficial because it undergoes little or no processing. Both sugar and honey contain glucose and fructose. However, for sugar, in the process of manufacturing, the organic acids, protein, nitrogen elements, vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the sugar cane are destroyed, whereas honey,which is a natural sweetner, subjects only to minimal heating. Honey also has certain beneficial antioxidant and antimicrobial activities which are not present in table sugar. Honey has a healthier Glycemic Index (GI) which measures the negative impact of a given food on the blood-glucose level compared to table sugar. Although, honey has more calories than sugar with some of it coming from proteins unlike the empty calories found in sugar, less of honey is required because it is sweeter and richer in taste. This leads to less calories at the end of the day. Honey contains specific anti-bacterial properties and has been found to assist in controlling MRSA in hospital. The anti-bacterial properties of honey may also be a reason why some people try honey for acne and facial masks. But then, moderation is key in all things. In the meantime, enjoy using nature's sweet-HONEY.


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