Things to know about taking fruits the right way

Yay, I am back, with lots of bananas, oranges, pawpaw, pineapples, strawberries, watermelon, apples for everyone. In general terms, someone is feeling fruity!!! There is absolutely no doubt that eating fruit is very important to our overall health and wellbeing. Fruit is healthy for you, we all know that, but, there has been a lot of controversy about when and how to eat fruits in order to gain the full benefits. One school of thought (A) says eating fruits is just not as simple as putting it into your mouths whenever you feel like it and that you need to learn about the proper ways to eat fruit and your whole body will thank you with less digestive problems and tons more energy. Another school of thought (B) says regardless of the time of day, eating fruit is a sweet, delicious and weight loss friendly way to get plenty of healthy nutrients for your body. (I guess I will go with the later. Simple and absolutely stressfree. Don't humor me) Here are two major reasons for each conclusion : - Slowing down digestion- A suggests that eating fruits immediately before or after meals slows down digestion because fruits get digested within thirty minutes while food takes about two hours to be completely digested. This time is extended to 3-4 hours in the presence of fruits, thus, leading to decay and fermentation of food in the stomach. B counters with the fact that the digestive tract is built to resist the decay of food by mixing food with acidic stomach juice, meaning that no significant difference occurs in digestion despite the “little” delay in the process that may be experienced. - Reduction in nutrients gained- A says that mixing of fruits with other food decreases the nutritive value of the fruits and the benefits to the body because the stomach cannot easily process the various nutrients, fibre and sugar content in the fruits. B counters that no amount of food can decrease the nutrients in fruits. When you eat a meal, the stomach acts as a reservoir, releasing only small amounts at a time so that your intestines can easily digest it. Everything still gets digested and absorbed into the blood and in no time. That being said, there are a few instances when the timing of your fruit intake might make a difference. For example, when you are trying to loose weight, it is better to take fruits just before meal so that the fibre content helps you feel fuller, as such you consume less food meaning lesser calories. Take your fruits before meal, after meals, on an empty stomach, in between meals or whenever, do whatever rocks your boat but do make sure to take fruits. (That is how important it is. By the way, you should enjoy doing it). Later Amigos! Yetunde Ademiluyi


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